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What to feed a Diabetic dog?

Diabetes is one of the diseases that can affect dogs and it arises due to several factors, the most common being genetic predisposition. Diabetic dogs do not produce the amount of insulin needed to control blood glucose.

Symptoms of Diabetic Dogs

This disease is somewhat discreet and requires more attention to be detected quickly. Diabetic dogs drink a lot more water than usual and urinate a lot more, too. In addition, the animal is quite hungry and, even eating a lot, shows weight loss.

However, to check for the presence of diabetes, it is necessary to do some tests such as blood and urine. When diagnosed with the disease, your puppy will have to undergo an adjustment in the routine. Diabetes has no cure, but it can and should be controlled with medication, exercise and especially food.

What to eat?

In the market there are countless special rations for the most diverse reasons: obesity, fur, allergies, puppy dogs, adults, the elderly and also for diabetics.

Diabetic dogs should have a diet rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates , which perform a slower absorption, prolonging the feeling of satiety and keeping blood glucose levels under control.

If you are a fan of natural food , you should look for foods with the same characteristics as those described above in addition to controlling the amount. But, as always, take it to the veterinarian before introducing the new food, so that he can better target keeping the food balanced with all the necessary sources of vitamins.

The vegetables are still released, mainly the carrot. Fruits too, but never in excess since they have natural sugar . Give preference to lean meats and whole foods.

Daddy’s time

In addition to controlled and differentiated feeding, diabetic dogs must maintain a very strict feeding routine. Food should always be served in the same amount and at the same times, to avoid spikes and uncontrolled blood glucose . Snacks, within the diet, can be served in moderation.

Your puppy will probably have to take daily insulin injections . Therefore, feeding times vary according to the time and doses of medication. Your veterinarian will instruct you correctly on this procedure.

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