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How To Choose The Right Dog Leash For Your Pooch

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Dogs hate leashes. If they had a choice they would obviously prefer not to be “held back” in any way.

This increases with the breed type (active or not active). This is why a dog must be educated to get used to the dog leash and collar as soon as possible.

I decided to put the following suggestions in writing, so as to facilitate the owners (or future owners) to get used to their puppies on a leash.

Remember: when the dog is young and untrained it is very dangerous to take him outside the house without having first accustomed him to the leash, he could run away , he could cross the street, he could chase something that has attracted his interest without thinking about the consequences.

Without a leash, he could frighten, for whatever reason, some other dog or person on the street, or go to the toilet where he shouldn’t. The leash provides a clear method of controlling dogs during the critical stages of training.

Therefore, dog leashes, especially during training, are a fundamental tool for teaching the dog to stay on a leash, which, preferably, must be done as a puppy.

The leash is not an optional accessory in certain places, in fact it is a must to take the dog for a walk in public places with the help of this accessory.

There are many types of leashes for dogs in the market, made with different materials and shapes. In this article we are going to see what the different aspects you need to ensure before buying a dog leash that can be best for your dog.

Which leash to choose?

Dog sitting and thinking about dog leashes and harness

In order to choose the right leash in the best possible way, you must first know all the types that you find in the market. Let’s start with the materials of which the leashes are made: fabric; skin; nylon; and chain.

Dog leash rope or in fabric

Let’s say that the leashes of this material are very fashionable, they are beautiful and colorful, but at the same time they are not amongst the most resistant because they tend to wear out.

Dalmatian dog holding his fabric dog leash

Leather and woven leather leashes

Certainly, these leashes are made of a material that never sets, after all we use leather accessories on a daily basis.

They are very beautiful and also resistant, especially if well maintained. A foresight on the part of the owner is not to let the dog chew the leash, which in doing so weakens and breaks it.

Leather Dog leashes

Nylon leash rope

Being among the cheapest they are also the most popular. The fabric leashes are available in all sizes and colors. However, since it is a wrinkled material, be careful that your dog does not rub it too much as it could irritate his skin.

Metal chain leashes

These are generally used to walk very strong dogs or in any case of large or giant size dogs. Obviously they are not recommended for smaller ones and be careful that your dog doesn’t chew it.

Flat Leashes for dogs

They are found in all colors, materials and lengths, are the most common and usually go with a collar or harness.

Retractable Dog leashes

They consist of a leash that can be extended simply by holding down a button, thus allowing the dog to move away even a few meters while still being tied and controlled by the owner.

Whether they are leashes for small dogs or leashes for large dogs, there are all sizes and even adjustable ones, but the one most used by millions of dog owners around the world is the FLEXI retractable dog leash .

The Flexi is an extendable leash that wraps automatically inside a handle. Above the handle there is a small button that allows you to slow down the sliding of the leash, if necessary.

The Flexi leash has numerous advantages, such as:

  • Freedom of movement : Unlike the usual leashes, they offer a certain freedom of movement to the four-legged friend, thus favoring serenity and happiness;
  • Comfort : It is the main reason why it is used by many owners. It rewinds automatically and can be managed even with one hand. Depending on the situation, you can easily adjust the length;
  • Quality : The materials used for the construction are of the highest quality. Generally every single leash is subjected to an average of 90 quality controls;
  • Length : Being much longer than a common leash it gives your pet greater freedom and movement;
  • Control and Safety : Thanks to the braking system, the owner always has total control of the dog.

To offer your dog, safety and comfort it is necessary to use the flexi leash correctly, otherwise the risk of getting hurt is very high. So in this regard it is necessary:

  1. Never tie the dog with the flexi leash to fixed objects;
  2. Do not wrap parts of the body with the rope;
  3. Do not let children use this leash;
  4. Never open the leash shell.

The flexi leash exists in different sizes and strengths depending, of course, on the size of the dog. There are many models, and in various colors.

To increase safety on the roads, thus improving the visibility of the dog and the owner, another innovative leash was created: The Reflective Dog Leash.

It is a sturdy reflective leash perfect for use in operational areas. Generally the materials used for the realization of this innovative accessory are of the highest quality. The body of the collar is covered with a strip of reflective material in order to ensure maximum visibility in all conditions.

This leash is ideal for evening walks with your POOCH, thanks to its high visibility.

The reflective leash is suitable for both small and medium-sized dogs such as jack russells, and for larger dogs such as German Shepherds or Rottweilers.

Here you can find all Flexi models on the market : Visit Models and Prices

Fashionable Dog Leashes

Like human clothing and accessories, fashionable leashes are also available for POOCHIES. In fact, for years now the world of fashion has also landed on that of pets. In particular, stylish leashes are highly sought after. One of the latest fashion trends for Dogs is personalized leashes.

Even your little dog can be stylish just like his owner, in fact, you can find different types of leashes in different styles too! In short, to indulge yourself, you can do all the shopping you want even for your trusted friend.

Dogs pull leash

Who hasn’t had the experience of going for a walk with a dog pulling on the leash? In these cases, even a small Chihuahua becomes a force of nature, so much so that we ask ourselves: where does this little one find all this strength to pull?

Well yes, whether they are puppies or adults, small, toy or large, all dogs can pull when they go out for a walk next to their owners. And most of the time, they don’t know how to fix the problem.

The problem is that you have to devote attention and time to the Pooch to ensure that this problem is solved, educating him in the right way. In an era where everyone is busy and time seems to fly, it often happens that owners are unable to devote due time to their four-legged friends.

Choosing the right Dog leash and harhttps://poochnation.com/ultimate-dog-harness-buying-guide/ness is important, a fundamental factor is the size of your beloved dog. Let’s start with leashes for small dogs, in this case you can indulge yourself in finding everything you like best, but aesthetics are not everything.

For small dogs you must always calculate that leashes must not be too big or heavy and that the material must be of excellent quality, because even the little ones bite everything. Maybe some soft and light leashes are ideal.

The length should not be too big but long enough to allow you and your dog to walk in peace and convenience. Extendable leashes are fine but you have to be careful to use them correctly otherwise the little dog would risk a lot if for example he ended up in the middle of the road.

For medium-sized dogs, the choice can already be extended to different materials, if we are talking, for example, of leashes for Sharpei, Beagle or Bulldog, leather or chain leashes can be fine. Obviously the final choice will always depend on the breed of the dog, some are stronger than others and need thicker leashes.

As for the leashes for large dogs, you have to pay attention to the choice, preferring short leashes in order to better manage the dog, leashes that are too long could make control very difficult, because we are still talking about dogs with a large size and strength. Equally important, leashes must be made of thick and very resistant materials, and it is better to avoid the extendable ones.

In conclusion, it is also good to pay attention to the brands of the leashes, but it is also true that there are equally good cheap models, you must always check the price of the leashes and the quality. Once you have checked everything we have said above, you can also have fun buying dog leashes with studs, with different patterns and colors etc.

Dog leash: the first time

Note: These tips are also suitable for the harness .

First of all, the dog must already be used to wearing a collar or harness, it may seem a silly thing, but it is better to avoid getting him used to both things together.

It would be too sudden a change for your puppy, so put the collar on, making sure it is not too tight or too loose (in this case it could slip off and if you find yourself walking on the street catching him,which is dangerous).

The first time is usually the most difficult. The thing to do when you want to put the leash on your dog for the first time is to do it at a time when he is doing something that makes him happy and his mood is sky high.

For example, this could be done while the puppy is eating; the idea is to associate the leash with a happy moment, and not with a punishment when for example the puppy escapes us and does not let himself be taken.

Putting him on a leash when we have managed to take him as “punishment” is the worst thing that can be done.

Instead we should call him back using a culinary treat and when he is eating and happy to try to put him on the leash.

Use of the Dog leash

Probably, when the puppy realizes it he will start jumping , pulling , moaning, he will be afraid, for him it could be a little shock. In these moments it will be necessary to distract him from the leash and perhaps offer him another prize or attract his attention with his favorite game.

As I said at the beginning, even with all the necessary precautions, his natural tendency to reject restrictions will work against us at this point.

To make this situation easier for your puppy, it’s always good to make sure the leash isn’t too heavy or too tight. It is also important that it is comfortable and therefore does not cause further discomfort.

Once you’ve checked these things it’s time to try taking short walks with the puppy in the yard. We bring the puppy into the yard on a leash and encourage him to walk alone. We are not holding the leash in hand for now.

To make him walk you can try to position yourself a couple of meters away and attract him to you with open arms or with a prize. What you want to achieve is that the dog gets used to walking on a leash.

Repeat this procedure at different intervals for a couple of days, until the puppy no longer pays much attention to whether he is wearing the leash or not.

After this phase of “adaptation”, you can start holding the head of the leash for short periods of time, but it is still necessary that the puppy is still leading the way. Never pull the leash at this stage, it is best to give the puppy its space.

Let us remember that we are still in the safety of our garden so there is no point in guiding the dog where we want it to go.

In any case, there may be flower beds or a small garden where we don’t want the dog to walk, so when he approaches this area, we will have to call his attention and Guide him in a different direction, with the leash.

Please note the word “Guide him” which does NOT mean to tug or pull.

Over time, a slight tension with even the sound of your words “no come here” or “come”, will be the warning for the puppy that he must change direction.

After a few days of exercise walking in the courtyard avoiding flower beds and off-limits areas (helping us with the leash) our puppy will be ready for a short trip away from home!

Use of a dog leash: situations to avoid

We should try to avoid the typical situation depicted in the image below(dog dragging the owner).

Getting serious, the first walks outside must be short and we must pay close attention to what our dog does. It is also important to treat the puppy very gently. Even if we are outside, let’s behave the same way we did in the yard.

Here you can find the whole choice of dog leash: See the whole catalog

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