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Bernedoodle is a hybrid dog in which a purebred poodle and a purebred Bernese mountain dog have been crossed. These mixed breeds are known for their hypoallergenic properties, which is why they are also good for allergy sufferers. On top of that, in this crossbreeding, some of the best traits of each breed come together in an extremely happy, intelligent, loving, playful, attentive and good nature Bernedoodle puppy.

This doodle dog cross is still relatively new, so it is not yet possible to accurately predict its appearance or temperament. However, as with all mixed breeds, he may have inherited the temperament of both parents or just one parent.

Bernedoodle love to go for a walk, especially in cold weather and snow, but also in warm weather.


Character of the Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle puppies combine the clever nature and playfulness of the poodle with the calm, cozy nature of the Bernese mountain dog. The result is a good-natured, playful, dear family dog.

However, as with purebred dogs, it is not possible to predict exactly how the character traits will develop. In general, crossing a Poodle with a Bernese creates an intelligent, lovable dog that resembles the Goldendoodle . Most of the time, the Bernedoodle is just a bit more headstrong and calmer than a Goldendoodle.

Each Bernedoodle is unique, being a hybrid dog they differ in color, size, personality and coat type. They do not shed much and are odorless dogs therefore, very popular with people with allergies.

If your Bernedoodle has inherited the tenacity of the Berners or the higher energy of the poodle, then it needs a lot of training and exercise, especially when they are not fully grown.

Buying a Bernedoodle Puppy

When buying a Bernedoodle puppy , please note that you are looking for a breeder you can trust. No two Bernedoodles are identical. Only a good Bernedoodle breeder will cross a healthy Bernese and Poodle. He will make sure that both parent animals are healthy. With a poor breeder, it can cause the Bernedoodle puppy to develop health problems later on.

Therefore, when buying a Bernedoodle puppy, you should ensure that you have the parents’ state of health shown. In addition, an experienced breeder can better advise you on the choice of puppy and give you some training tips, the young Bernedoodle puppies can be a bit stubborn. The price of a Bernese Mountain Poo puppy will vary depending on the breeder

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are calm, extremely good-natured dogs that are particularly suitable as family dogs, especially for children. They were originally bred in the Swiss Alps to live on the farms and pull smaller wagons. Bernese are extremely intelligent, strong dogs that are happy to be used as family dogs or therapy dogs.

Because of their three colors, Bernese herdsmen are extremely beautiful dogs. However, they can be prone to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and hip dysplasia. In addition, this breed of dog only has a life expectancy of 8 years.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The poodle

A poodle is a trainable, intelligent dog that does not shed. In the past, this breed of dog was popular in the circus when performing because it is very docile and quickly learns tricks.

Poodles come in three sizes and many different colors. A typical poodle is lively and playful. He likes to go for a lot of walks and loves to play. If he is under-challenged he starts to make nonsense or to bark out of boredom. Poodles are prone to diseases such as eye diseases and hip dysplasia.

In addition, hybrid dogs mostly combine the characteristics of their purebred parents, with careful and conscientious breeding, the Bernedoodle puppies can combine the best characteristics of both breeds.

The poodle

Hide of a Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles come in a combination of white, black and brown. Many Bernedoodles are black or a combination of black and brown or black and white. There are also three-colored Bernedoodle, which look like a Bernese Mountain Dog with their black, white and brown color. Every Bernese Mountain Poo has a distinguished coat. Most of the time it is wavy, flaky and has little shedding.

When buying a Bernedoodle puppy, one should know that the more wavy the coat, the less the Doodle dog will shed. This is especially interesting for people who are allergic to dog hair. Good breeders can advise you on any of their Doodle puppies.

The fur of the Bernedoodle is very soft and keeps growing. It doesn’t fall out, so the doodle needs to be brushed regularly so that the fur doesn’t become matted. In addition, the fur should be cut every few weeks.

Size of the Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles come in three sizes, depending on which parents were crossed. We have put together the individual doodle sizes for you here:

Standard Bernedoodle – When a Standard Poodle is crossed with a Bernese Mountain Dog . The shoulder height is between 58-70 centimeters. The standard Bernedoodle usually weighs between 30 and 40 kilos.

Tiny Bernedoodle – When a Toy Poodle is crossed with a Mini Bernedoodle.

Shoulder height is between 30-43 centimeters. The Mini Bernedoodle usually weighs between 5 and 10 kilos.

In terms of temperament, standard Bernedoodle can have lower energy levels as compared to their toy breeds.

Generations of the Bernedoodles

There are different crossbreeds of Bernedoodle. We have put together the individual variants for you:

F1 Bernedoodle – is a first generation cross in which the puppy consists of 50 percent Bernese Mountain Dog and 50 percent Poodle. This cross is considered the healthiest because it is the least likely that both parents will transmit common hereditary diseases.

F1b Bernedoodle – is a backcross in which a Bernedoodle is bred with a poodle. Usually the Bernedoodle puppy is made up of 25 percent Bernese and 75 percent poodle. The F1b generation is most likely to have no hair and be very allergy friendly.

F2 Bernedoodle – is a second generation cross in which one F1 Bernedoodle is crossed with another F1 Bernedoodle. Some F2 puppies may not have as soft a fur as is usual with Doodle Dogs. In addition, the Doodle dog can become even more curly than the generation before.

Health and life expectancy of a Bernedoodle

The lifespan of the standard Bernedoodles is estimated at 12-15 years, the Mini Bernedoodles up to 17 years and the Mini Bernedoodles up to 18 years.

Bernedoodles can still be prone to hip dysplasia or eye problems. A genetic and health test should always be carried out on the parent animals so that any other disease is not transferred to the offspring.

Bernedoodle and children

Bernedoodles are ideal family dogs, even with the kids. Because of his playfulness and soft nature  he makes an amazing family member. 

Many people just get the dog without calculating the responsibilities and repercussions, so it’s necessary to know each and every aspect of owning a dog to be able to give him a better life and keeping yourself safe from future regrets.

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