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Dogs – faithful companions, family members. They have lived with us for so many centuries that we think we know everything about them. Here are 26 Fun Facts About Dogs which you may not still know.

Dogs are the most faithful companion, playmates, and family members. They have lived with us for so many centuries that we think we know everything about them – what they like to eat, where they like to be scratched, and that this choking ball is their favourite toy. However, there are some things you (probably) had no idea about. Here are some interesting facts about dogs.


Dogs, like humans, can be right or left, or right and left. To find out which group your dog belongs to, it is enough to observe, as with humans, which paws are more often used for a particular activity. And that’s not all. According to a study on 75 dogs (purebred and one-blooded), left-handed dogs are more prone to aggression. The study explains the fact that in left-handed dogs (and humans) the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for negative emotions, is more active.


We all know that dogs smell much better than humans, but only the numbers that confirm this leave an electrifying impression. Did you know that canine olfactory cells are almost 300 times larger than human ones ?! In addition, we humans have only 5 million such olfactory cells. There are as many as 120 to 200 million of them in dogs. Impressive! So it turns out that dogs, contrary to what is thought of them, have a nose not only to stick it into food.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation

A Nose like a fingerprint

Since we’ve written about the smell, it’s impossible to avoid the topic of dog nose. Did you know that no two dogs are the same? Their imprint is as unique as the human imprint. That is why it is better that dogs do not commit crimes because they will be easy to find. Isn’t it one of the many fun facts about dogs?

Dogs Dream

Have you ever noticed your dog running wild, clapping, or chirping while sleeping? That probably means he was dreaming. Scientists have proven that dogs show similar brain activities during sleep as well as that dogs of small breeds dream more often than large dogs. But what do they dream about? When Christmas Eve comes, there will be an opportunity to ask themselves at midnight.

Cigarette Smoke Harms Dogs

Smoking is harmful not only to people who smoke a cigarette but also to those who are in their company (and smoke) during that time. This applies not only to humans but also to animals. A dog or cat is basically the same mammal as us, so smoking in front of it condemns it to respiratory problems, allergies, and even lung cancer.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation
dogs | Poochnation

Waterproof fur

Newfoundlanders have waterproof fur and swimming skin on their legs. This species was bred to help fishermen and to save people from drowning. Now, this is something we were also amazed by knowing for the first time.

Titanic survivors

Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic: two Pomeranians and a Pekingese. This is not really one of the fun facts about dogs but is quite interesting.

Paul McCartney’s love for his Collie 

Rumor has it that at the end of the Beatles song “A day in the life” Paul McCartney recorded an ultrasonic whistle, which can only be heard by dogs, especially for his Collie. Now, that’s love.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation
dogs | Poochnation


Puppies have 28 teeth, and an adult dog 42. woof woooooooofff!!!!

Tail and its purpose

Dogs have tails for several reasons: curiosity, exercise, illness, hunter instinct, or because they have fleas. If your dog is constantly hunting for a tail, visit a veterinarian.

Dalmatians are white

Dalmatian puppies are completely white when they are just born and only later start to get freckles.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation
26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation

Dogs Dream

Dogs can dream in the REM phase when they often move their paws or twitch.

See in the dark

Dog eyes have a special membrane that allows them to see in the dark.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation
dogs | Poochnation


In large species of dogs, the heartbeats between 60 and 100 beats per minute, and in small species between 100 and 140.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation


Research has shown that 72% of owners believe their dog can predict the arrival of a storm.

Dogs sweat too

Dogs sweat over the pads on their paws.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation

THREE Eyelids

Dogs have three eyelids, the upper, a lower, and third eyelid that maintains eye moisture.

Sensitive Nose

A dog’s nose secretes a thin layer of mucus that helps them absorb odors. When they lick their noses, they smell over their mouths.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation

Lot of Taste receptors

Dogs have about 1,700 taste receptors, humans 9,000, and cats 473.


The sense of smell in dogs is 10,000 to as much as 100,000 times more pronounced than in humans.

The Myth

The myth is that dogs only see black and white. In fact, dogs see blue, greenish-yellow, and various shades of gray.

Hearing Capability

Dogs hear sound best at 8000 Hz, and humans around 2000 Hz.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation
26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation

Quite Colorful

Chow Chow species are known for their blue tongues, but they are actually born with a pink tongue. After 8 to 10 weeks, their tongue turns blue.


When dogs bury the ground after they have defecated, they do so to further mark the territory with the olfactory glands located on the paws.

Still Holds True

Dogs curl up when they sleep due to an instinct that dates back to ancient times when they slept like that in order to maintain body heat and protect vital organs from predators.

26 fun facts about dogs | Poochnation

Dogs breathe to cool off. 

A panting drop can make 300 to 400 breaths with very little effort. Normally a dog has between 30 and 40 breaths.

Do you know any more interesting/fun facts about dogs? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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